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because you gotta have friends.

In 2010, I only followed three blogs* that were dedicated to project 365.  My real life friends at The Journey of A Thousand MilesThe Journey to Caleigh, and another adoption mama that I someday hope to meet at Love is Spoken Here.

I’m not sure if they are going to repeat the process again in 2011, but they better not stop posting all together!

Despite my epic FAIL last year I plan to give it a go, and I am thrilled to know that I’m not alone. In the spirit of accountability I am going to post a little list of the crazy folks below. Feel free to add yourself in the comments if you aren’t in my list. Once I know who is with me I’ll add a tab to the homepage.

Julie at And B Makes Three, who has a dude from VN and makes me want to plan a Disney trip

Diana at Mama in Pajamas, who owes me both a visit to AR and a margarita. Just sayin’.

Leigh at Leigh’s 365, who skated in under the wire with five minutes to spare on day one.

Kim at Life as a Family of Three, who has been on the adoption roller coaster too long and deserves a vacation

And You, at Your Blog. Right? Right? De-lurk people. Mama needs a list of reading material.

*I think I may have stepped on some toes. Ya’ll I’m a blog addict. My feed reader has 157 active feeds, and that is after I edited out over 100 that haven’t posted in over a year. I read WAY more than 3 blogs last year. I was just stating that only 3 were actively doing a daily post. Rest assured, if you are on the blogroll I still follow your rants. If you aren’t, by all means drop me a comment and I’ll make sure you are on the radar.



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and then we were three.

Referral Day! December 2006.

12ish December 2007.

11ish December 2008.

11ish December 2009.

11ish December 2010.

Happy referral-versary Beckett Long!

It was four years ago today that we first heard his name. The next day we would see a picture of his face.  Six and a half months later we would actually meet.  If you want to take a nostalgia trip, click on the past year pics above, or the links below.

The referral. In Vietnam. Meeting the man. Homecoming. Referralversaries.

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one, two, three, four…who knew we could love him more?

Four years ago today, our dear friends Rob & Tricia were in Vinh Long, VN meeting their oldest son. Wanting to get a pic of the woman who ran the place, T snapped these pics.  At the time, she didn’t know who the little dude was. She was in Vinh Long around 12/8/06, and we received our referral on 12/11. Crazy, right? She and I would discover him in her photos months later and realize exactly who was perched on that lap. Though they weren’t the first photos I saw, they have a special place in my heart because they were taken by someone I know. Somehow knowing that a real person had stood in the same room with him, shared the air, heard him coo, and then took a photo, well, that made him seem real too.

On 12/11/06 we received our referral info. The next morning we saw our son’s face for the first time.

We were lucky to receive a number of photos as we waited, including this one, taken a month to the day from when we would receive our travel clearance. Bex is posing with another Dillon Mom, to whom I will always be grateful for loving on my babe and taking the time to capture it on film.

The same family took two of our other favorite photos:

Oh… that pic still slays me. B and his main Nanny. Love. LOVE.  I so wish I knew her name. He loved his nannies, and her in particular. As we arrived to take the kiddos to the giving & receiving ceremony, she pulled me aside for  a chat.  She gave me a hug, pinched the back of my arm and said, ” VERY fat. Good life.  Baby same”. It will likely be the only time of my life that someone will say such a thing and not mean it in a disparaging manner. When we left for the G&R she waited until she thought I couldn’t see her and then collapsed into a sobbing heap on the floor. Just thinking about it still makes me cry. I am so thankful for the people that cared for my son while he was with them. I know it is a hard job, but I hope they know that their charges have found forever families in  no small part because of the care that they gave.

As fresh as all of those emotions can be, sometimes it is hard to imagine that it has been almost four years since we first heard his name and saw a picture of his face.






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snowballs bad.

When confronted by a snowball it is important to keep your cool and try not to panic.

Stand your ground and give the offending mass of frozen precipitation a stern glance.
Do not freak out. Snowballs can smell fear.

If snowball refuses to back off, locate the nearest escape route and use it.
Do not let the snowball touch you!

If necessary, contact Dad for extraction. Thanks goodness he was nearby.


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snow day!

Today we were able to introduce the boy to snow. He was NOT impressed.


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he’s king of the hill… or maybe the tv stand

The boy is suddenly a climber. Heaven help us all. Today I left him alone in the living room for 2.5 seconds while I got myself a soda from the fridge and when I returned I found him standing on the TV table, snout to screen with the television deeply engrossed in an important chat with Elmo.
Later in the day I returned to find him perched on a table near our fireplace, one foot on the tabletop, the other foot on the window sill, stretching with all his might to reach our mantle. I firmly believe that if he had gotten a finger hold he would have found a way to swing himself onto the mantle, at which point I would have immediately enrolled him in some type of spidermanesque gymnastics academy.

He has been sighted teetering on the back of the sofa, hopping on his rocker, and pretty much doing his best to clamber atop anything that stays still long enough for him to get a grip. I should mention that he is utterly incapable of dismounting his perches. Needless to say, I am bracing myself for the first ER visit. Gulp.


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I am lucky to be a part of a group of adoptive mothers located in central Arkansas. We affectionately call ourselves Vietmoms as all of us came together through our shared involvement with Vietnam adoption. We have members in all stages of the process, and these women have been an incredible support network for me. Not all of the Vietmoms have blogs, but you can find links to those that do under the Vietmoms heading on the sidebar.

A few weeks back the ladies that live in Conway were featured on a local interest television program. They did a great job! I’m so proud. : )


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