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scenes from an ear infection


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suck it, iq people

The Dude’s overall cognitive abilities have never been in question. We have always known that his mind is constantly spinning and I would almost put money on his chosen profession being something in the engineering field. That said, due to the difficulty in diagnosing his speech issues he was recently subjected to a rather ridiculous IQ test. Said test had portions that I was struggling with (and for the record, my score is nothing to sneeze at) and even featured a series of questions regarding north, south, east and west. As in, look at the image below:

Which trees are directly south east of the mountains?

Mind you, there was no compass rose on the “map”, nor had anyone established where North was before beginning. Even if we throw those things out and assume that “north” was at the top of the picture, I doubt that many 4 year olds would be able to answer the questions with any degree of accuracy.

Lest you wonder, his score was fine but I took personal offense to how the test was presented as well as some of the content. I asked the tester if most kiddos his age know cardinal directions and she curtly replied that typical four year olds can identify NSEW on a map and then inquired as to whether we were actually getting ready for kindergarten. How I managed not to say something wholly inappropriate I will never know.

Cut to today: Bex has a new car seat and wanted to go for a ride to test it out. Since we had no destination in mind we asked him to pick a direction at each intersection. Halfway to our final destination we begain to suspect his plan and asked where we were headed. “Grams house” he said, and by telling Ken to “turn right” or “go straight” he managed to direct the car to my mom’s home. He probably didn’t know that we were heading west but he did know where he wanted to go and told us that necessary path to get there. Needless to say, Ken and I were impressed.

Hey IQ lady, suck on that.


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feed reader funkiness

I recategorized a number of old posts and somehow the new tags caused the 40 or so items to show up as new ones in the rss feed. Um… Oops. Sorry for the confusion.

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Glitter Glamour Joy Christmas Card
Create modern Christmas photo cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.


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christmas card confessions.

I LOVE holiday cards. Love them. Well, I love the receiving anyway. The sweet little faces and fun family photos make me happy every time I open the mail box. My absolute favorites are the ones that come with an annual letter sharing the details of the year. True confessions time y’all: I sort of covet those cards with letters. It’s like getting all the really good gossip all at once, and with a photo! Squee! I may love them, but I don’t send them. I’m not sure why I don’t. I’m never sure what to say. Somehow it seems extra silly given the blog, and it just doesn’t feel like my style. That said, these cool cards from shutterfly may change my mind…

Even I can do that, right? Um… probably not. I do like the idea though. The colors are great. The layout is fun. I dig the card, but my palms just got sweaty thinking about filling in the blanks. Seriously. Sweaty palms. I may need therapy.

We can still be friends if I send you a card like this one

…with a crazy photo of the dude riding a reindeer, right?

You’ll still love us if you get this card

…with a pic of us trying to rock shaving cream santa beards.



For all of my fellow procrastinators out there, let it be known that you still have time to order Shutterfly’s Christmas photo cards. In fact, if you have a blog, they might even give you 50 free ones just for blogging about their promotion.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Of course, you can only get the free cards if you actually get your act together and order them.

Sadly, I keep getting distracted by the personalized calendars. The desk one is giving me ideas. I may have to ask Santa to hook a sister up.

But not until I order my cards.

Must order cards.

Must mail cards.

Ohhh…. Must check mailbox!

For what it is worth, I promise to love your card, even if there isn’t a letter. Goodness knows you won’t be getting a letter from me.

Write a blog. Get some cards.

That’s what I’m doing.

Even if I am a letter writing loser.

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changing the world $10 at a time.

So… As you know, we are in the early stages of trying to adopt again*, and even though I’m really not a fundraiser kind of gal, THIS was hard to pass up, even for me.

The Ordinary Hero organization does some pretty cool stuff in Africa and at home in Tennessee. Since November is adoption awareness month, they decided to partner with some families who are in the adoption process and potentially give them a little financial assist. We are lucky enough to be one of those families!

Check out these shirts:

Cute, eh?

Bex will be modeling this one for you soon.

And there is a short sleeve version…

And all of my Ghana & Ethiopia peeps, feast your eyes on this shirt:

From now through 11/30, $10 from the sale of every shirt will be sent to our adoption agency and put in our account.

All you have to do is visit the ordinary hero blog, order a shirt from the sidebar, and put my name (Jessica Johnston-Myers) in the notes to the seller on the shipping address page.

See? Easy peasy.

Even cooler, the two families with the highest sales amounts will receive a matching grant from Ordinary Hero! Fancy!

Now, who wants a shirt?


—– —– —– —– —–

A caviat on the “hero” thing. It isn’t really my bag. I don’t feel that expanding my family through adoption is a heroic act. I don’t feel like it was a charitable act. At its core, adoption was about my need for a child, and my child’s need for a home. Despite the fact that I believe he was always meant to be mine, and I his, I do not think for a second that he would have languished for all eternity unless I showed up to “save” him. I didn’t save an orphan, I was given the gift of a child to call my own, a child that happened to join my family through the awesome miracle of adoption. Few things have the ability to transcend borders, cultures, and beliefs in the same way that international adoption does and I am humbled to be part of the global adoption community, but more than that, I am humbled to be my son’s mother. I acknowledge the pain that went before, the choices made by his birth family and the inevitable loss that he may one day feel. Yes, my child WAS adopted. Notice the past tense there. Adoption isn’t a way of being, it isn’t a noun, it is a verb. He is my son. I am his mother. I am  certainly no hero. If I was I would prefer to be a super hero so that I could sport a cape. My language issues not withstanding, I think that there are many, many, many people who touch the lives of others daily in wee tiny ways. The guy who holds the door for a mom, the lady who picks up your dropped keys, the friend who calls at just the right moment, the child who laughs and helps you to smile after a terrible day, the organization that finds inventive ways to give back… heroes all. Everyday heroes. All that to say, I do like the shirts. Hero or no.

*You remember that there was Nepal, but then it went the way of the dodo, and now we are working on App 2 for Korea. The current wait list with our agency is SHORT and so is the wait for referral. To that end, we aren’t sending in App 2 until we have the majority of the funds in hand, just in case things happened to move more quickly than we expect. I can imagine few things more depressing that having to turn down a referral because it came too soon and the bank account was a little too low to write the BIG check. So, we wait. Now, if I could just get a few more closings to go through. Um… anybody wanna buy/sell a house? : )


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