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These crazy kids love to tussle.

Most of the time wrestling matches end in all smiles.

Sometimes they end with broken glasses.

Oops! Good thing he just ordered a new pair.



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dear santa…

Seems that the dude worked on a wish list at school today. I love that they cut out items from catalogs to put in their lists. Based on the items included I truly believe that Bex selected the things pictured. That said, it looks like my 4yr old wants an iPad. I do not look forward to his future tech requests if this is where they begin!


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taming the beast.

This was the dude with his lion friend in September 2008.

This is him sharing the love today.

Just in case you ever needed proof that he had grown, that should do it.

Speaking of lions, we saw one spend at least ten minutes playing with a pumpkin. It was like this huge creature was suddenly a frolicking little kitten. He wrestled it, he washed it, he kicked it around like a soccer ball, and then he used his giant paws to wrench it apart only to be totally disappointed by what he found inside. Kind of made us wonder if they took part in the same kind of behavior in the wild, but with the parts of some unfortunate gazelle or something. Gross, I know.

One more, just for fun…

September 2007:



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ready or not…

Ready or not…

Here I come…

Hmmm… I wonder if they are under the covers…

I found you!!

A rousing game of hide and seek has become an almost nightly ritual. It is a great way to burn off some pent up toddler wiggles and, except for the fact that Bex insists that we can only do the countdown from inside of a closed closet, the grown ups enjoy it too.

We might need to do a little work on his hiding skills though…


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like father, like son.

Heading out for a car trip often requires a beverage. Ken has a habit of putting his cup on the hood while he loads up the dude. Not to be outdone, Bex followed suit with his drink. Nice.

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