because you gotta have friends.

In 2010, I only followed three blogs* that were dedicated to project 365.  My real life friends at The Journey of A Thousand MilesThe Journey to Caleigh, and another adoption mama that I someday hope to meet at Love is Spoken Here.

I’m not sure if they are going to repeat the process again in 2011, but they better not stop posting all together!

Despite my epic FAIL last year I plan to give it a go, and I am thrilled to know that I’m not alone. In the spirit of accountability I am going to post a little list of the crazy folks below. Feel free to add yourself in the comments if you aren’t in my list. Once I know who is with me I’ll add a tab to the homepage.

Julie at And B Makes Three, who has a dude from VN and makes me want to plan a Disney trip

Diana at Mama in Pajamas, who owes me both a visit to AR and a margarita. Just sayin’.

Leigh at Leigh’s 365, who skated in under the wire with five minutes to spare on day one.

Kim at Life as a Family of Three, who has been on the adoption roller coaster too long and deserves a vacation

And You, at Your Blog. Right? Right? De-lurk people. Mama needs a list of reading material.

*I think I may have stepped on some toes. Ya’ll I’m a blog addict. My feed reader has 157 active feeds, and that is after I edited out over 100 that haven’t posted in over a year. I read WAY more than 3 blogs last year. I was just stating that only 3 were actively doing a daily post. Rest assured, if you are on the blogroll I still follow your rants. If you aren’t, by all means drop me a comment and I’ll make sure you are on the radar.



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9 responses to “because you gotta have friends.

  1. Oh, the PRESSURE! Day one was almost and EPIC FAIL! It is 12:20 am and I feel like I gotta start working on post #2! Jeezz! It is gonna be a LONG year!!!

  2. I have tried and failed too many times! I am not a finisher 🙂 But, I will follow yours!

  3. I’ll be following along this year! I think you’re quite witty! I hope to post about once a week…we’ll see! Good Luck! Happy New Year!

  4. And your Day 2 post is already up? Overachiever…

  5. jjm

    Not that I would EVER reveal my secrets, but certain blog hosts allow folks to schedule posts. Not that anyone would do such a thing. Nope. Certainly not.

  6. mostlymorgan

    um hello … I’m still here!

  7. jjm

    Jen, are you trying for the daily post too?

  8. I’m here- commented a few times but I’m more of a stalker. I’m Kelli, nice to officially “meet” you. I completed the 365 last year (although I didn’t post and am attempting it again this year!

  9. I just started a new pw protected blog if you want to follow along! Since we are Twitter friends and all 🙂 (anne_in_mn) Not doing the 365. Hoping to bat .500 though.

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