suck it, iq people

The Dude’s overall cognitive abilities have never been in question. We have always known that his mind is constantly spinning and I would almost put money on his chosen profession being something in the engineering field. That said, due to the difficulty in diagnosing his speech issues he was recently subjected to a rather ridiculous IQ test. Said test had portions that I was struggling with (and for the record, my score is nothing to sneeze at) and even featured a series of questions regarding north, south, east and west. As in, look at the image below:

Which trees are directly south east of the mountains?

Mind you, there was no compass rose on the “map”, nor had anyone established where North was before beginning. Even if we throw those things out and assume that “north” was at the top of the picture, I doubt that many 4 year olds would be able to answer the questions with any degree of accuracy.

Lest you wonder, his score was fine but I took personal offense to how the test was presented as well as some of the content. I asked the tester if most kiddos his age know cardinal directions and she curtly replied that typical four year olds can identify NSEW on a map and then inquired as to whether we were actually getting ready for kindergarten. How I managed not to say something wholly inappropriate I will never know.

Cut to today: Bex has a new car seat and wanted to go for a ride to test it out. Since we had no destination in mind we asked him to pick a direction at each intersection. Halfway to our final destination we begain to suspect his plan and asked where we were headed. “Grams house” he said, and by telling Ken to “turn right” or “go straight” he managed to direct the car to my mom’s home. He probably didn’t know that we were heading west but he did know where he wanted to go and told us that necessary path to get there. Needless to say, Ken and I were impressed.

Hey IQ lady, suck on that.



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6 responses to “suck it, iq people

  1. Didn’t the testing person ask for longitude and latitude? I doubt that typical 4 year old children know NSEW. I’m very impressed with right and left. Blessings to you and Bex…

  2. Lisa

    Bex was better at those directions than some adults I know!

  3. Beth

    You go, Bex! And, Jess, I applaud your restraint at not saying anything in response to the tester’s (mistaken) observations. As a Kindergarten teacher, I can tell you that even most 5 year olds still struggle with left/right, let alone know their cardinal directions. Maybe she’s done most of her testing of 4 year olds at cartography schools where they teach such things. ;P

  4. Dania

    I seriously doubt my near 7 year old could answer those questions. Having had two kids go through kindergarten, we did NOT have to know directions before entering kindergarten! Way to go for keeping quiet though! I’m not sure if I could have either!

  5. I would have gone with ‘wholly inappropriate’ and then walked myself and my child right out of that place until they found another tester. Kuddos for you for showing more restraint!!! 🙂

  6. jjohnstonmyers

    I assure you that my thoughts were wholly inappropriate. : )

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