dear santa…

Seems that the dude worked on a wish list at school today. I love that they cut out items from catalogs to put in their lists. Based on the items included I truly believe that Bex selected the things pictured. That said, it looks like my 4yr old wants an iPad. I do not look forward to his future tech requests if this is where they begin!



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4 responses to “dear santa…

  1. Amy

    Cute idea! I like the idea of using pictures.

    As far as the ipad goes, maybe we could get a deal if we buy two. An ipad is at the top of Hillary Ashton’s list…ugg! She LOVES them.

  2. mostlymorgan

    This is a great idea for next year! Morgan wanted EVERYTHING on Nick Jr’s blasted morning commercials!

  3. jjohnstonmyers

    Ha! We had that problem too.

  4. Jennifer Haddock

    I should post Lukas’ – they did the same thing at school. It was all guns and rifles from a Sports Authority circular the teacher had included because there were bikes & trampolines on the other side. I think I would have rather seen an iPad.

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