because you have a brain.

You have a brain, and your brain works!!

It is with that mantra that class begins each morning in Beckett’s room. He, along with 12 or so peers, start their day with an amazing affirmation of their abilities and potential. Imagine a dozen 4-5 year olds enthusiastically calling that out at the top of their lungs and you start to get the idea. Now imagine that the majority of these kiddos are facing significant physical, verbal, and developmental challenges and you will understand why such a phrase is so powerful.

If your brain tells you to do something crazy, what are you gonna do?

Stop. Think. Make good choices.

Why? Because YOU have a brain, and YOUR BRAIN WORKS!

Bex isn’t much of a talker, but he can remind me to “make good choices” and sometimes tells me that I should “Stop. Think. You have brain”… proof that he has taken the daily mantra to heart.

After just six months at The Allen School, Bex gained about 90% use of an arm/hand that his neurologist said would never work. Never.

After just weeks of intensive speech therapies tailored to his specific needs, he started to use intelligible words. After about 6 months he started to use full sentences. Though the speech disorder is still very much an issue, the progress he has made is staggering.

Needless to say, I love The Allen School.  The therapies they provide are great, but the environment in which they are provided is even better. As a result of the work that they do, my child is going to move forward in the world without thinking that wheel chairs are bad. He won’t think twice if a friend doesn’t talk, or if they have leg braces, or if they have a limb that just won’t cooperate. He is learning that everybody has challenges. Everbody. Best of all, he is able to achieve things in spite of what the rest of the world sees as his disabilities.

Because he has a brain, and his brain works.

Please, help me help The Allen School by making a donation of any amount on the FirstGiving site. It is safe, secure, & should be tax deductible.

Every dollar makes a difference.

Thank you!


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  1. Sounds like an amazing school. I love the mantra. Love it! I seriously may use this in my high school special education classroom.

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