I just saw a commercial that said “It’s me time… Time for Jello!”



Am I alone in thinking that “me time” is about manicures, massages, retail therapy, a nap, a good book, the adult beverage of my choice, and the like? Try though they might, I don’t think that the pudding peeps will ever get me to think, “I need some me time. Ohhhh… jello!! That’ll do the trick!”

I mean, bravo on the ad buy that put said commercial smack dab between an exotic vacay pitch and an ad about some drug for the stressed out type a mom, but, um, really?

Gelatin is not now, nor will it ever be, my escapist moment. I reserve that for good friends, good conversation, and, when possible, good margaritas. Not. J.E.L.L.O.

Ahh. Now I feel better.

Sorry for the rant.

Pudding cup, anyone?



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4 responses to “j.e.l.l.no.

  1. Maybe Jello Shots? Maybe that should be their add campaign for stressed out moms.

  2. Ha! I’d be a lot more tempted by a chocolate square. And a lot more comforted. But then friendship and conversation would be more helpful and less harmful. Tsk. Why do I want chocolate? Thank you for the rant. Sometimes it’s good to rant a bit.

  3. Alese

    I agree . . . JELLO miss-fired on this commercial. It is NOT my escapist moment and I feel really sorry for women who buy into this . . . they need some serious work on their self-nurturing skills.

  4. Jennifer Haddock

    Clearly none you you have had a sugar-free Jell-O Mousse. Mmmmm… think I’ll go have some me-time right now.

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