unrequited love.

There is a girl in the dude’s class with whom he is a bit infatuated.

She has beautiful soulful eyes, perfect glowing skin, and the kind of locks that even Rapunzel might envy. She’s four, so for once he isn’t fawning over a woman three times his age. Lest you think that his type has changed, let me assure you that she is blonde.

She’s a woman of few words, so they share a kinship.

The other day she was terribly distraut during naptime. Nobody could calm her. Her mom had been called to take her home. Then Bex asked if he could give her a hug. His teachers let him get up and he proceeded to stroke her hair, give her hugs, and pat her hand until she fell asleep. She was fine for the rest of the day.

One day last week I glanced into his classroom window and saw him holding her hand.

Today his teacher said that when they were getting ready for morning playground time, he repeatedly asked her if she would play with him when they got outside.

He hearts her.

I heart her.

And I love him for being so loving. I love him for being oblivious to her specific challenges. I love him for not noticing or caring that she is confined to a wheelchair and doesn’t speak. I love him for asking her to play, regardless of the fact that they don’t play the same way.


I love his school. The therapies they provide are great, but the environment in which they are provided is even better. My child is going to move forward in the world without thinking that wheel chairs are bad. He won’t think twice if a friend doesn’t talk, or if they have leg braces, or if they have a limb that just won’t cooperate. He is learning that everybody has challenges.


It is starting to look like his first serious crush may be on a girl who can’t respond to his affections in the usual way, but any guy who can give up a nap just to hold a girl’s hand is clearly willing to put some effort into the relationship.

Seriously, you should see them.

It is beyond sweet.

This afternoon he chased her down the hall yelling, “Wait!! My hug you!”

He may be a man of few words, but you don’t need words to love.



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11 responses to “unrequited love.

  1. Kelly

    So cool. Awesome story. But this attitude doesn’t start at school. It starts at home. He treats others as he is treated.

  2. Carol Ann Hoel

    Aw, that is so sweet and so real. What a blessing for your child to be in this environment. What a blessing for this environment to have your child there. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Alese

    Awww! Tears! And that I why I am so very proud of you and Ken as parents!

  4. Jennifer Haddock

    Awe. That is SO sweet & makes me teary eyed.

    Lukas has a “best girl” and her name is Perginia (aka Virginia). But that’s only because the girl he “kissed on the playground” moved to a different school.

    Are we going to be chaperoning double dates before they turn 5? I really thought we had more time.

  5. Beth

    I, too, must add myself to the list of the misty-eyed. So very sweet!

  6. Kelly

    Awww!! Love this. Love Bex. Love FA.

  7. Amy

    Precious. Just precious. You are raising a good little man.

  8. Lisa

    I just read this outloud to Scott and could hardly make it through because I was choking up. I love that boy of yours, too! What a sweetheart!

  9. Heather

    I am SO proud of him!!! (and you)

  10. Allyson

    I’m crying and laughing-his love is so deep in his heart-you are a beautiful family-i am so happy he is mine for 3 hours a week. 🙂

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