fact or fortune cookie?

It was September 29, 2006. We had just begun the process to adopt from Vietnam and decided to celebrate our anniversary at a local Vietnamese restaurant. A slightly less than authentic establishment, they gave us fortune cookies with our bill. This was mine.

“Your fondest dream will come true within the year.”

I carried that slip of paper around with me until we brought Bex home. Somewhere between unpacking from our trip and subsisting on basically zero sleep, the well loved bit of paper was misplaced. I occasionally wondered where it had gone as I had intended to frame it, but eventually it completely wandered out of my brain.

At least until last week.

We’ve been pondering some major changes around here, changes that could make me loose a little more of my free time… Changes that are both potentially exciting & nervewracking. In an attempt to get a bit of control and tame my racing mind I commenced with a much needed closet clean out. Four bags of donations later the closet was spiffy and my brain had found it’s calm. And then I saw it. Beneath hanger, on the bottom of the closet, my fortune was lurking, just waiting to be found.

Be it a good omen, a sign, or just a fun coincidence, the discovery of the fortune stopped me in my tracks.

My fondest dream will come true within the year.

Holy crap.


We are in the process of repainting most of our house. To that end, I have spent way too much time at the paint counter this week. We are trying to match the trim paint but have no clue as to the brand or color and the color matching doo dad is coming up with nothing but terrible formulations.

Purely by accident we noticed that the custom formula we liked the best was an exact match to a known color. As the paint chip isn’t true to the actual paint color, I had been considering it for our walls but ruled it out because it was too light. It may not be a winner for the walls but it is an almost exact match to my existing trim. Woo!

Now, raise your hand if you can guess the color name.

Yep. Fortune Cookie.

Ain’t that just a kick in the pants.



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5 responses to “fact or fortune cookie?

  1. Lisa

    WooHoo! I like it!!

  2. Susie Slack

    Save those shoes for the little cousins soon to arrive in Baton Rouge. Anytime after September 14 they will be okay to oficially enter this world. Good fortune runs in the family.

  3. kathy

    Can you say “Pho for 4” – Arkansas Style?

  4. kathy

    I once got a fortune cookie that said “Your joys are imagined but your pains are real.” WTF? Didn’t even know you could get a bad fortune! Didn’t open them for YEARS after.

  5. jjohnstonmyers

    I can say it, but I’m not going to.

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