ode to grand dad

When in his work clothes, my Dad, aka Grand Dad, always has a comb in his shirt pocket. Whenever Bex has a break from school, the two of us head off to Dad’s office for a lunch date. Beckett almost always greets Dad and then steals the comb to style his hair. Last night he grabbed a comb from the drawer for a post bath primping session and then came bolting out of the bathroom as he realized that he had a pocket on his shirt.

“Look,” he said, “I Grand Dad!”

So sweet!!



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6 responses to “ode to grand dad

  1. Lisa

    Awww! Grand Dad will be so proud!

  2. Leveta Ray

    I am Leveta. I am a Dillon Mom with 2 children adopted from India Kaitrin who is 11 and Sam who is 14.I also have a bio son Chad.I read your blog through Nadra (Ian’s Mom). Your son is adorable and I love reading about him. I was going to try your Oma’s banana bread recipe but think I left out a liquid ingred.as the mix is very dry.Could you please email a copy again.Thanks so much and I really appreciate it.

  3. Erin

    That is so sweet! I love how they emulate such admirable people at this age!

  4. Kelly

    oh so so sweet!! love that bex!

  5. Tricia O'Connor

    Oh, I love that! What a sweet heart. So so cute that Beckett!

  6. Amy

    That is just adorable!

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