dada, a portrait.

There are a number of Bex-centric apps on our iPhones, one of which is Dress Me Up Lite. There’s a paid version as well, but the freebie does it for us at the moment. The idea is that you start with a person dressed only in underwear and you then dress them. We like it for the verbal cues and entertainment factor, as anything that keeps the boy occupied at the doctor’s office AND inspires expressive speech is a winner for us. Bex just likes it because it is fun.

He was hard at work the the other day when he suddenly exclained, ” Mama, Look! My Dada! MY DADA!!”.

This is what all the fuss was about.

Nice. I’m sure Ken will be pleased to know that he is still the cool kid, at least to Bex.



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2 responses to “dada, a portrait.

  1. alese

    Very Cool!

  2. Jennifer Haddock

    I’m installing it now! Thanks!

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