because everybody loves their poppy.

My dear friend Tricia is having a rough week. First her husband’s grandfather died. The her own dad was diagnosed with a nasty cancer known affectionately as CML. He is in stage two of three, but, never one to do things the boring way, he managed to score a rare form of said cancer that may make treatment a little bit more complicated than normal. Not that anything about this is normal. Though I don’t know him well, I know that he is a fighter and has every intent of kicking this disease square in the ass. Of course, a little positive energy would certainly help spur things along. So, if you are the praying type, get down on those knees. And while you are at it, hop on over to T’s blog and send her a little love too. She could use it.


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  1. Tricia O'Connor

    Your coming by was the best part of my day… besides my boys, of course. Can’t thank you enough for dinner and the hug. The real estate advise was spot on – who knew that you’d come over right while I was helping make that deal. You are a true friend, indeed. Love you!!

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