it’s all about the accessories. 143/365

Wearing the hat…

and ready to par-tay!

This is the dude’s new “cheese” face. It looks a bit like he is trying to pass a kidney stone. I look forward to seeing real smiles again soon. Clearly I need to come up with something to say besides “cheese”… “bulldozer” perhaps…



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2 responses to “it’s all about the accessories. 143/365

  1. Lisa

    I’m guessing “bulldozer” might just do the trick. Or you might just snap a picture of the back of his head as he whips around to find the heavy machinery!

  2. Jennifer Haddock

    Due to some kiddie cartoon, Lukas likes to say “weinies” instead of cheese. It does make everyone smile. It’s the cartoon where one of the voices is Lenny or Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley.

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