carnivore? 145/365

Bex is a vegetarian. It’s not an ideological or health related situation, it’s just that he doesn’t like meat. Dairy products? Yes, please. Eggs? Absolutely! Meat of any kind? Um… no. At least until today.

That, ladies and gents, is a Whole Foods (store made, all natural, all beef, no preservatives) frankfurter that my child is eating. On purpose. With vigor. He wanted more. Um… what? I repeat, WHAT?!?! Clearly I need to let the Whole Foods marketing peeps know that their hot dogs are so good they can make veg heads switch teams. Weird. I mean, hooray for an additional protein source, but still…

Also, I knew my head was a bit of a melon, but would you get a load of that thing? It is gigantic! Good thing I have giant Texas oil baroness hair to camouflage the head of epic proportions! Oh… wait… I guess that only makes it look bigger. Crap.


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