painting sidewalks.142/365

Well, the driveway, actually. It’s been a long week. Cut me some slack.  : )

This afternoon we needed some entertainment and I decided to try a recipe for sidewalk paint that I had recently found online. It. Was. Awesome.

Make your own “sidewalk chalk paint”

2T cornstarch + 2T water + 5-10 drops food coloring. Layer into cup in that order and stir until smooth. The cornstarch may seem a little gloppy for a minute but it will come together. Trust me.

Simple, eh?

The paint will be watery but easy to paint with. It will wash off of the concrete with no problem. I’m told it will wash out of clothing though I have not tested this theory. For us, the recipe didn’t make enough per color so we will double it next time.

Once dry, the colors are brilliant!! Bex refused to let us get his photo while he was painting. It was serious business after all.

So, if you find yourself needing something different to do outside, give this paint a try. I’m betting you’ll like it!


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  1. Amy

    Sounds fun, I will have to remember this one!

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