show & tell. 137/365

Squeemish viewers should avert their eyes.


You might not want to see this.

I suggest that any impressionable children  leave the area.


You are certain you want to see?

You’d better sit down…


See? I told you it was bad.

Yes, that IS a completely shattered iPhone screen. Gulp!! It had an unfortunate run in with my gear shift in the car last week and got a hairline crack. Then one crack became two… then three… and this morning it became this.

I think I might vomit.

Fingers crossed that i can have the screen replaced at a local repair shop. I do not want to buy a new phone.



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4 responses to “show & tell. 137/365

  1. Lisa

    Wow, remind me not to loan you any electronics!

    Sorry about the phone. Hope it’s an easy fix!

  2. Julie

    Wow, you’ve had a rough couple of weeks!!!

  3. Ken (aka: The Dad)

    Care to share how long you’ve had said iPhone? 🙂

  4. So sad. Let me know if you’re able to get the screen replaced – my dad’s met with the same tragic fate.

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