in which i try to justify my sabbatical . 136/365

So, lets discuss May, shall we. I can sum it up in one word: DISTRACTION.

There was this:

and this:

and planning for this:

(Jumbo Gumbo Cook Off! June 5th at Pleasant Ridge Towne Center by the way. Tix at the door or online. Woo!)

And did you hear that my car was broken into along with seven others on our street? Oh, and my laptop tried to die a terrible death but after several days in the shop it has mostly recovered. Mostly. So long as I don’t try to run Parallels which is sort of necessary in order to run the software I need for work, but I guess a girl can’t have everything.

Suffice it to say, the 365 commitment hasn’t been high on the priority list. I’m trying to catch up though, so you can expect lots of random babbling until I do. Bonus for you, eh?


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