haircut. 135/365

I FINALLY found my hair cut home here in central AR. Hooray!

Later frumpy Mom hair, Hello sass!

I also came to the realixation that my B’s bathroom mirror has been away from the windex for a little too long.




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6 responses to “haircut. 135/365

  1. alese

    Love the awesome new doo!

  2. Lisa

    Great look!

  3. Amy

    You look amazing!

  4. jjohnstonmyers

    Awwww! Thanks, you guys!

  5. Erin

    kee-yute! will we be seeing you in june?

  6. Jenn S-J

    looks great!!
    I’m in that frustrating time where I’m growing my hair our and since it’s a thick, crazy, wavy mane, it requires a lot of taming to look “cute” …. or just a ponytail which is so uninspired. I’m sure I’ll give up soon and go for a cute, shorter cut that looks as flattering as yours (one can hope!)

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