the death march of fun.114/365

Hve you ever been on one of those trips where you try to pack as. Many fun things as possible into a day? Well, our good buddy Kat calls that vacay style a “death march of fun”, so this post title is dedicated to her.

After a sevenish hpur drive, we arrived in St Louis on Thursday afternoon & checked into our hotel. Then we headed out to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory in the Landing (decidedly underwhelming food wise) followed by a trip to Union Station for people watching, fudge sampling, and souvenier penny making.

Friday morning found us at the zoo just as they opened. We rode an awesome train, checked out some animals and tried not to freeze to death on the penguin area. Next up was lunch at Schafly’s Bottleworks (blackberry hard cider… Yum!!) where Bex had possibly the best applesauce known to man. After filling our bellies we headed to the Museum of Transportation which was Awesome. If you know a kid that loves trains you need to go there. Go. Immediately if not sooner. A family dinner of awesome baked ziti made by an Italian aunt capped off a looping day of excitement.

Today found us continuing the death march of fun by riding the early morning tram to the top of the saint louis arch (the dude LOVED it), attending a wedding, checking out City Museum and getting sequestered in the “enchanted caves” play area in order to ride out a tornado that looked to be headed directly toward us ( it fizzled out, no worries), dancing until we dropped at the wedding reception and finally, this:



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4 responses to “the death march of fun.114/365

  1. jjm

    Wow, the errors are atrocious. I guess that is what I get for postiving via iPhone when I should have been sleeping. Sorry, y’all.

  2. What a whirlwind of fun! Glad the real whirlwind fizzled!

  3. What a fun day is STL! We LOVE the City Museum – I would give my right arm to live in the City Museum apartments/condos (or whatever they are called).

  4. mostlymorgan

    sounds like a blast! I’m a “doer” on vacation so this suits me…

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