batter up. 106/365

I’m a lazy blogger tonight so I’m giving you a flashback photo. Check out the dude this time last year. Is it me, or does he look TINY?

Dear kid, Please stop growing. Love, me.



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6 responses to “batter up. 106/365

  1. Tricia O'Connor

    It’s not just you. He is growing up… literally.

  2. Alese

    What a difference a year makes!

  3. Jen R.

    He really has grown a lot since then… So, cool, thanks for (re)sharing this pic… it provides perspective…

  4. Ken (aka: The Dad)

    I like him growing up…but I’m going to miss the affection he doles out so liberally.

  5. Alese

    @Ken – Guess we better collect all the kisses and hugs we can while he is still giving them out . . . before we get the cooties and he can’t be seen with us in public.

  6. Lisa

    This is just one year ago?! Yikes! I’m not ready for them to grow up so fast.

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