i love lucy.

Look at this sweet face, just look at it. This baby girl is in a Chinese orphanage waiting for her family. Is it yours?

So many people have called and emailed me wanting to help Lucy, so we’ve come up with a plan for those of you who want to help, but can’t adopt her. We are running an appeal to raise money for the family that does adopt Lucy. We have a family that would like to adopt her if no one else steps forward who is already DTC. So Lucy will have a family and that’s the good news! We would like to raise $3000 to help that family, since they will no doubt have many medical costs. If donations exceed that amount, it will go in our waiting child fund to be distributed to families who need help with adoption costs for waiting children like Lucy. The movement for Lucy has been bigger than I could’ve ever expected, so I’m hoping we can raise that $3000. If you want to contribute, you can either send a check to ASIA(215 SW Hooker St. #100 Portland, OR 97201) with “Lucy” written in the memo, or call ASIA with your credit card and tell us it’s for the “Lucy Appeal.” The phone number is: 503-224-1860
We’ve got to get this girl home as quickly as possible. So many doctors have reviewed her file and her outlook is not good, yet there is a family willing to proceed despite this fact if they can get their paperwork done. Some doctors are even thinking a possible lung transplant in addition to the possible heart transplant. We can only hope that isn’t the case. She has touched so many hearts already, there must be a reason.

If we were DTC or even involved with the China program I would be doing everything I could to make her mine (insert husband passing out here), but heart issues, even serious ones, don’t scare me. A differently formed but useable limb doen’t scare me. Above all else, this sweet face doesn’t scare me. I say this because I know a lot of you are DTC and I know that some of you might be open to this little one’s special needs. I say this because I know that some of you might want to help, because, seriously, how can you resist that smile?

If you are DTC and are interested in adding Lucy to your family, contact ASIA for more information.


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