daffodil chill. 87/365

I had some awesome plans for daffodil photos. It would be warm and dry and sunny. Bex would wear his adorable new tie and we would somehow miraculously get a perfect candid family shot taken by a stranger or perhaps by Ken holding the camera at arm’s length. Alas, those plans were not to be. Bex did have on the tie and an oxford shirt but he had to change because it was shockingly cold. He like the flowers, but due to the teeth chattering and constant proclamations of “Coood! COOOD!”, we cut our trip short and headed home. Lets just say that I’m not holding out much hope for the images that are in my camera. Oh well. Better luck next time.

Despite the less than optimal conditions, Ken managed to get a cute shot of B on his phone. Show off.

Thank goodness for Daddys!



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2 responses to “daffodil chill. 87/365

  1. Alese

    Precious photo! Thank goodness for Daddys, indeed!

  2. Lisa

    cute picture even if his little teeth are chattering!

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