sniffy mcsnifferson. 84/365

As I was driving home this afternoon, I suddenly heard peals of laughter from the backseat and felt something pinching my arm. Glancing down I saw a foot. Looking over my shoulder I saw this:

The giggles and toe assault continued until we pulled into the driveway. Once parked, I grabbed the camera and asked Bex why he was pinching my arm with his toes. His reply? “No. Sniff”, and he then proceeded to basically dislocate his hip to demonstrate.

Right on. He wasn’t pinching me. That was merely an unfortunate part of the foot sniffing process.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Boys are weird. Fun, but weird.



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8 responses to “sniffy mcsnifferson. 84/365

  1. Amy

    Haha! LOVE it :o)

  2. Alese

    I am liking this boy thing . . . they are a hoot!

  3. Alese

    Look at the size of those FEET!

  4. Lisa

    What a hoot! Sometimes I think our boys might not just be from another country, but maybe an entirely different planet! They are such strange and funny and delightful creatures!

  5. jjohnstonmyers

    For the record, he does own shoes. He just prefers to take them off whenever the opportunity arises.

  6. At least he can amuse himself! LOL!

  7. Alese

    When he is 16 he won’t believe he could do that

  8. Kim

    HAHAHA Boys are weird!!! 🙂

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