calling all postmarks.

The first grade son of some friends is working on a project of epic proportions. Epic to a first grader at least. He and his class are trying to collect postcards with postmarks from all 50 states. They would be overjoyed if they managed to get some international ones as well. (I’m looking at you Spain, Australia & Denmark.) If you have a postcard to spare, I know he would be tickled to receive one from you.

Send to:

Harlan Smith-Hoffman

Mrs. Fallgren’s class

Dormont Elementary School

3200 Annapolis Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA 15216

Remember, it’s all about the postmark. The card itself doesn’t need to be state specific. Let me know if you are sending something so I can let his mom know that state is covered. I promise to update you on his progress as I hear of it.

And, seriously unknown random reader from Denmark: hook a sister up with a postcard.

Thanks for your help!



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4 responses to “calling all postmarks.

  1. Let me know if you don’t have one from GA.


  2. Heather M.

    I can cover Texas if you need me to…let me know! 🙂 Your slide pictures are really cute! Thank goodness warmer weather is here!

  3. Jenn Haddock

    I’ve put a call out to Guam – I’ll let you know.

  4. jjohnstonmyers

    So, it looks like we have sent:
    & maybe Guam

    Anybody else feel like mailing a postcard?

    Looks like Denmark is still holdin’ out on me.

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