vietnam child quotas

Did you guys know that VN had limits on the number of children people could have? I didn’t.

Per Vietnam Net:

New birth control regulations issued

New regulations on birth control amending the Population Ordinance issued by the Government on March 8 will permit seven cases of family circumstance to have three children as opposed to the previous quota of two.

Couples who give birth to triplets, that have a child and give birth to two or more babies during the second birth and those who give birth to a third child after a previous child died or was put up for adoption, will be exempt from birth control penalties.

Those whose one or two children are confirmed by local or central medical examination councils to be disabled or suffer from nonhereditary fatal illnesses will also be permitted to a third baby. The Ministry of Health has issued a list of fatal cases that will be affected by the new decree.

Ethnic groups with a population of less than 10,000 or with a birth rate lower or equal to their death rate will be allowed to have three children. The Government has asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment to publicise the name of those ethnic groups.



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3 responses to “vietnam child quotas

  1. One of our tour guides in Nihn Thuan told us about that. She was pregnant with her first and said she would lose her job (at the government-run resort) if she chose to have any more. She said the enforcement is a lot more strict in the cities than in rural areas where they depend on children to help work the family farms. I was encouraged though to see here that the regulations seem to be becoming a little more lenient. I’m not sure if you noticed while you were there a lot of gov’t propaganda billboards too “encouraging” family planning. Funny, but sad.

  2. Nicole

    I said the same thing today. Interesting!

  3. I had no idea! Adam’s birthfamily has 6 children, including one born last summer

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