dazed & confused. 65/365

Bex has a pattern of saving up all of his really fun infections for when Ken is out of town. Swine Flu? Check. Pneumonia? Check. 107 degree fever (OMG!OMG!)? Check. You name it, my kid has had it, likely on a week when I was flying solo. (For the record, I am not cut out to be a single Mom. It’s simply not my gig. Single Moms are my heroes. Seriously. I don’t know how they do it an stay sane. Of course, we could question my Mom’s sanity. Hee hee! Love you, Mom! ) This week, however, he decided to get sick round about the time that Ken arrived at home.

This is how we started the morning. He’s relaxin’on the dog pillow, still sporting his pajamas at almost lunch time. Puny much?

I swear to you that the kiddo hadn’t been experimenting with any homegrown herbs before taking this photo. This is just what a snot filled Bex looks like. That said, we have decided to keep this photo for comparison should we ever need to know if teenage Bex is stoned.

Since we didn’t have any Doritos and Taco Bell was too far away, we opted for a cheese wheel. Thank goodness it did the trick. Sweet, sweet boy.



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6 responses to “dazed & confused. 65/365

  1. Heather M.

    Oh Sick is Ick! Feel Better Soon Bex! Make your mama get you a slushy!

  2. Alese

    Awww! Seriously, sane is overrated! Sorry to see our boy did not improve with a nap . . . bless his wee heart!

  3. Jen R.

    His nose is totally leaking…

  4. Jen R.

    I just blew up one of the pictures… and, yep, that nose is leaking snot…

  5. Lisa

    I’m with you here. A sick little one is no fun, especially solo. Feel better soon, Bex!

  6. emily

    107??? did he have to go to the hospital?

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