some cheese with my whine. 53/365

My day started before the sun came up. As I am not a farmer, I don’t find that to be an acceptable time to begin the day. I had a headache. There was nothing in the house that suited me for breakfast. It was too warm for my winter coat, but too cool to go without any coat at all. I wore my rain boots thinking it was going to rain only to find that sun was in the forecast and my perceived rain clouds were simply the result of being up too darn early. The dude wasn’t really in the mood for food  when it was offered to him at the crack of dawn, yet he instantly recognized Starbucks as the home of food and/or beverage and began asking for “dink? mik? eat? now? schnak? peeze? mik? dink? yesshh? ookaaay? yesshh? eat?” as soon as the sign was within viewing distance. I’d like to take a moment to thumb my nose at those who occasionally question the cognitive abilities of the dude. He knows what they have at Starbucks AND he knows how to manipulate the system such that he reaps the rewards.  That is problem solving my peeps, and that is a higher form of thinking. (Yes, he had a second breakfast of pumpkin loaf and chocolate milk. I had a chai latte. No, I do not feel at all guilty about it. Mama needed some caffeine.) My ‘nonfat was ordered but full fat was received’ chai didn’t sit right and I spent the morning suffering the unpleasant effects of whole milk on my belly. Then I had the kind of unnerving professional moment that makes a person question their career choices. And then, THEN I got really whiny. That pretty much brings us to now. Phew. I need a nap. Thank goodness it is almost bedtime.

Tomorrow we go to the local Children’s hospital for another hearing test. We were supposed to skip ahead to a sedated ABR but are instead trying an alternate testing process. It is supposed to be diagnostically equivalent if the kiddo cooperates. My child is fabulous and can cooperate beautifully when he is so inclined, it’s just that I doubt he will have much desire to play along. Our appointment is at 12:30 meaning that he will be winding down for a nap only to be refused the opportunity. At 2:45 we have a followup appointment with another doc at the same hospital. We are easily looking at a full four hours of happy hospital fun time. Officially I’m packing emergency chocolate for the boy, but I think we all know who it is really for…



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5 responses to “some cheese with my whine. 53/365

  1. Alese

    I would like to point out that “symbol recognition” is also a higher form of reasoning . . . clearly the wee dude recognized the Starbucks sign . . . .

  2. Lisa

    Just thinking about your upcoming afternoon is giving me a headache! I hope the emergency chocolate does its job.

  3. bryan

    What’s a winter cat, and is it dead or alive when you are wearing it?

  4. jjohnstonmyers

    Clearly a “winter cat” is the cold weather version of a “summer cat”. Sheesh. Why is that so hard for people to understand. : )

    Correction made.

    And for the record, it is best to simply sedate your “winter cat” before wearing. That way you get all the fabulous stillness of a dead one without the unpleasant smell.

  5. Heather M.

    Hope everything went well today with the testing. Clearly doctors do not understand nor take into consideration that little ones nap…need to nap…require a nap. Good Grief…the timing is always off. I’m bound to miss a posting at one point or another…this 365 thing is hard; and it’s only Feb.!

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