unmentionables. 49/365

Boys should stop reading now. Or not, but be prepared to know more about my undergarment situation than you might care to learn.

Still reading?  Really?

I hate to disappoint, but this is a pretty boring post. Ya’ll, I need a new bra. Nothing fancy required, just a plain old, wear with anything kind of undergarment.

I have a lot of them, but none are making me happy at the moment. My go to favorite is no longer being manufactured and it is time to replace the old worn out ones, but with what?  I hate the process of trying on a zillion bras only to find that I hate them all and need to go to yet another store. Worse yet is buying one that was good for the 2 minutes in the dressing room, but very, very bad after wearing it for the day. That’s where you come in. Tell me about your everyday unders. I need specifics people. Makes and models. Likes and dislikes. Pros and cons. Help a sister out.



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8 responses to “unmentionables. 49/365

  1. Tricia O'Connor

    Huh. Well…. can’t help you, there. Sorry sister, friend. Good luck and all the best.

  2. My absolute FAVORITE bra of all time comes from Target. I ONLY wear them and have them in every color. It is the brand Gillian and O’Malley. They have several different sizes, designs and for the price- OMW, like $12-20, they are amazing. I tell everyone about these bras. The smooth cups are great, I love the lining, they hold up super well. I wash them in the machine then hang them to dry. They have full tightening straps, which I need, some only go half-way and they fall off my shoulders. This would be my suggestion to you.
    Happy Bra Shopping!

  3. I can heartily recommend Gap Body bras. They’re pretty consistent in terms of fit, they tend to be durable and I find them comfy. Whenever they have a “lightly lined” model, I go for that because I am not a fan of padding, but even the slightly more padded ones (like their “favorite” model or t-shirt bras) are good and look smooth under pretty much everything.

  4. I’m a Bali Girl. They’re great for big boobs! JCP or pretty much any other dept. store has them. They have ones that don’t have underwire and I LOVE that! The straps are good and they last forever!

  5. Julie R

    Never posted here before…I generally tend to be more of a stalker than a poster, until this subject graced your blog. I agree with Natasha whole heartedly. Target….Gillian…O’Malley. I’m not very “big” and need all the help I can get. These wash well, hold their shape…if you know what I mean, and the underwires stay in their “smile” shape even when you discover the bra entrapped in towels or sweat pants in the washer 🙂

  6. Jenn S-J

    I think the best thing you can do is go to a real bra shop where they know how to fit the ladies properly. A great fit is more important than anything because even among brands there can be great variation between models on proper fitting. I think locally, the best option is the one near Gymboree Play & Learn … I forget the name off the top of my head. They were super helpful when I had my post-preggo huge boobs!

    If you are ever in the St Louis area, go to Ann’s Bra Shop. Those gals can find the best fitting, most comfy bra for anyone! I also have a friend in Manhatten who has the NYC hookup on the place where they are so good, they can practically guess your size just by looking 🙂

    Once you find what you like, to get more, buy online Bare Necessities. They are awesome and run some great speacials.

  7. JoanP

    Bali 3372. JCPenney and usually some kind of sale going on. Of course, you know how they stop making one once you get used to it, so I don’t know that this model is still there. Good for someone who needs support but who hates underwires.

  8. Jen R.

    I, too, am in need, and looked up how to measure myself… I am either a 38A or a 34D or somewhere thereabouts depending on your measuring tool… WTH!?! So, I’m certainly reading what the other ladies are posting, as well… I have found in the past, when I could afford expensive bras, that the folks at Barbara Graves Intimate Fashions in Breckenridge do a good job of measuring (which is just part of the process, cause fit varies between brands) and picking out bras that meet my needs, lift and minimizing… Bonne merde!!!

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