Happy Valentine’s 44/365

We interrupt this regularly-scheduled blog post with a something akin to a big sweeping gesture.

See…it’s late…closing in on midnight. No worries. No gremlins getting fed. No crazy ball to evacuate quickly in glass slippers.

No…simply needs must post something. And Jess just doesn’t have something ready. So, you’re stuck with me. The emergency relief blogger. Since the topic is usually The Dude (and he does abide), I’ll focus on him.

We had a hell of a day today. I introduced him to the fantasy films Labyrinth and The NeverEnding Story.  He was largely transfixed by both. We talked about the scary parts. I think I was more concerned than him. As much as I want to share The Dark Crystal with him, I think the Skesis would be too much for him. I was so scared of them when I first saw it. Still, I cannot guarantee I won’t test those waters.

Then we took an afternoon trip out and about. Hitting some stores and spending some green. He was a pure charmer and gentleman at all our stops. I swear his charisma oozes out of him and he makes friends wherever we go. We’ve got to have some serious talks in the future about the whole “stranger-danger” thing.

Anyway…this post is kind of an early Valentine to my wonderful wife. As most of you know, she’s fairly cool, talented and (to live with me) has the patience of Job.  I love her so.

Now….the obligatory Dude photos…



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2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s 44/365

  1. Dianna

    As an emergency relief blogger, you do nicely 🙂

    Neverending Story is one of our favorites around here! The ‘scary’ parts don’t phase my kiddos a bit. On a semi-related note, I’ve been wondering if it’s time to introduce Natalie to the excellence that is Bill & Ted….

  2. Sienna could have cared less about my fave childhood movie – The Last Unicorn. Watching it now I am a little surprised that I wasn’t scared by it! Glad he was happy to share your love!

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