i fought the germz and the germz won. 42/365

Damn those germs. I’d  like to say that my immune system put up a fight, but I’m not sure it even tried. At this point I think that when my body sees toddler germs coming it just rolls over and gives up. Toddler germs are potent. That is what parenting has taught me. That and the value of a good night’s sleep.



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3 responses to “i fought the germz and the germz won. 42/365

  1. Heather

    this reminds me of the time we had the flu in college. It was me, you, lots of blankets, and a shared bottle of Nyquil. I agree…toddler germs are bad.

  2. Lisa

    Oh no! Feel better soon!!

  3. Diem

    I’ve been in the hospital so many times since Jaxon came home. Since I had a cord blood transplant, which translates to walking miracle to drs…..All the new residents at the hospital drop by for a visit. Each time they would include a brief intro of my history and how I was doing so well post-transplant but we adopted a TODDLER and he goes to DAYCARE. They all nod and probably imagine a swamp full of slimy kids.

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