snow man, take one. 39/365

We woke up to a bit of a surprise this morning: SNOW!!

This is the most snow central AR has gotten in a LONG time, and the boy was happy to see it.

Bex has waited through three winters for the chance to build a snow man.

He is less of a formal snow man, and more of a hippie socker playing snow dude. Still, not bad for a first try.



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4 responses to “snow man, take one. 39/365

  1. dania

    So cute! I’m such a terrible mom that I didn’t have a carrot or anything other than chocolate covered almonds to use to decorate our snowman….and we couldn’t get those to stick! So we have a faceless snowman! Good job Bex!

  2. Tricia O'Connor

    Not bad, I think it is awesome! You rock at snowman building, Beckett! Maybe you’ll get to build another one before the end of the week….

  3. Lisa

    Great snowman!

  4. Heather M.

    It’s fun to see all the kids enjoying the snow! We have a chance for a little on Friday. Your snowman is super cool! Bex is getting so big!

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