smitten. 24/365

Y’all, I love Smitten Kitchen’s Brownie Roll Out Cookies. Love. I admidt to occasionally adding mini chips to sweeten the deal, but even without, they are perfection. They have become my go to recipe for those times when I need to bring a little something to a kiddo gathering. A half batch takes me less than 30 minutes to mix, roll, cut & bake. A full batch wouldn’t take much longer but then I would have even more cookies helping me to fatten up for the winter, and with spring coming that simply wouldn’t do.

Speaking of Spring, we had our first tornado watch of the year last week. Nice, eh? I detest tornado season. I get all sweaty and nervous, and it has only gotten worse since bringing home the Bex. It seriously takes every ounce of self control to keep me from scooping him up and hiding out in the bottom of the shower, just in case. I’m easily fired up that way.

Maybe I should go grab a cookie and use it to help me find my center.



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2 responses to “smitten. 24/365

  1. I am so trying these this weekend…or sooner if we get 12 inches of snow and I am trapped with my monsters and need chocolate to help maintain my sanity!

  2. Karlyn

    You are so funny! I love your blog but don’t get to read it as often as I’d like. I like to read Smitten Kitchen, too, but missed this recipe somehow. With the “faux snow” on the ground today, this sounds like a good recipe to try ~

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