c is for cookie. 20/365

We had a stormy night last night. The dog was nervous, and whiny and kept Ken and I up for most of the night. Miraculously the boy stayed asleep. The storms tapered off around 4am and we managed to get to sleep. With only about 3 hours in my sleep bank I had an extra hard time getting up this morning. From the time I exited the bed to the time I started the car was roughly 20 minutes. Today was not my prettiest. Three hours of sleep makes for a very long day and I am currently curled up on the couch while Bex and Ken make me cookies. Well, not exactly making them from scratch as they are prefab cookies but still. In the immortal words of Cookie Monster, “C is for cookie and that is good enough for me”.

I tried to get a pic of Bex and a cookie but he was to busy eating to comply.

After the cookie extravaganza, Bex worked in earnest to create a lovely line of vehicles.

Then he smashed them to bits, monster truck style. Boys are weird. Fun, but weird.



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2 responses to “c is for cookie. 20/365

  1. Tricia O'Connor

    Boys are fun-ny! Weird, for sure. Dirty. Smelly. And, yet very sweet. But, why must they crash up the cars? Why?

  2. Alese

    I am loving the randomness of these daily posts! Kudos for doing them!

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