seeing spots.

Are you guys migraine people? For me, it’s rarely a mind numbing headache situation, but rather an intense dizzying aura, waves of nausea, complete inability to deal with light fluctuations, and generally foggy brain sort of situation instead. Yuck. I used to take prescription meds but ultimately decided that the rebound headaches were worse then the original. If I catch it early, caffiene & tylenol can slow things down, but the window for that is small. Aveda tea helps a lot, but that does a person little good when said tea is at home and she is 15 miles away. Ugh.

Can you guess who had a migraine this afternoon and is lucky to be typing semi coherent sentences right now, much less taking or posting any photos? If you guessed me you get a gold star.



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3 responses to “seeing spots.

  1. Lisa

    Hope you caught it in time. Feel better!

  2. Heather M.

    My SIL suffers from migraines & even has shots ready for them should she feel one coming on. BAD. I’ve never had one, luckily! Hope you’re feeling better today.

  3. Oh, no! I get migraines, too, and they are just a horror show. I hope you’re feeling better!

    I have found that Excedrin Migraine is the holy grail of headache/aura/nausea/light-sensitivity stoppage.

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