gettin’ the wiggles out 15/365

I rarely go all gushy over a gadget or toy, but this, THIS is worth sharing. Bex was gifted an awesome Smart Fit Park for Christmas. I was dubious at best. I failed to see how such a thing would hold his attention and I was somewhat convinced that it was all fluff and no substance. Sure, the box said all the right things, but would it really work for my kiddo? Would he really be able to manipulate the game contols by himself and have fun? Really? In a word: YES.

This thing is fantastic! He runs. He jumps. He matches shapes and colors. He LOVES having something to help get his wiggles out on those days that are just too cold to play outside. We love that he loves it, and if it happens to burn off some energy and results in an early bedtime, well, who am I to complain?



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2 responses to “gettin’ the wiggles out 15/365

  1. Alese

    Love that the new toy worked out so well. Always glad to help with an early bedtime!

  2. emily

    ok, that is sooo adorable!!! i love how he comes over to you and squeals then slips back over to the mat. his little legs move so fast!!

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