d.r.y. spells dry 12/365

Hooray for Beckett!

Yesterday Bex had an accident free day at school and at home. When he got up this morning Ken was thrilled to see that he had stayed dry overnight. He was so proud of himself that he brought me his dry pullup and exclaimed “Dry!”. Sure, there may have been some prompting from the dad man, but it was an adorably joyful moment nonetheless. Sadly, I didn’t have a camera on me at the time so you get a potty picture. Aren’t you lucky?!?!

I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about this awesome potty seat for awhile. B was never interested in the little kid toilets, but his hieney is so tiny that he often falls in when using  a full size seat. Enter the fabulous “family” seat.  FYI, that’s the manufacturer’s moniker, not mine. We bought it at Home Depot, but I can’t find it anywhere online. It’s made by Bemis (though it’s not on their site either), and has a smaller sized seat that folds down out of the lid. When you want it out of you way for non toddler use, the small seat locks into place on the lid by way of an unseen embedded magnet. The price was under $30 and worth every penny. This thing is awesome!



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4 responses to “d.r.y. spells dry 12/365

  1. 1longadventure

    way to go Bex!! and yes, I do love the seat. I might need to our family one of those.

  2. Woo hoo Beckett!!!

    We got Bennett a little lid that fits on top of the regular seat. Starting potty training boot camp next week. Yikes!!!

  3. Tricia O'Connor

    D.R.Y. is awesome! So happy for Beckett. Love that toilet seat. Ben didn’t like the little pot either. We just have the kind that sits on the big seat. Your’s is way better.

  4. Good job B!! Congrats on the dry day and night…woo hoo!

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