getting nowhere. fast. 4/365

Today I learned that I should go back to Law School and become a mediator. Apparently you can charge $1600 per party (there were six) and $175 per party, per hour for overtime, and get paid even if you do not help any of the parties involved arrive at an agreement. The mediator easily billed 10k today. Sweet gig, eh? I can’t go into specifics, but suffice it to say that I was schooled in Texas Oil & Gas Law and would like nothing to do with any related litigation in the future. It was an exhausting day. 10 unproductive hours in an office full of grumpy peeps followed by a five hour drive home. Oh, and a narrow avoidance of a deer. And a really funky chicken sandwich that was slathered in tarter sauce. Oh yeah. Good times were had by all.


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