a bold proclamation

All year I have been stalking a couple of blogs even more than normal: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and Love is Spoken Here. Why? The photos!! My gracious, the photos! Both of these ladies are fantastic photogs, Kelly even did a shoot with Bex, but the thing I loved the most was that it was a little snapshot of what was happening that day, every day. EVERY DAY. Holy cannoli, people, that is commitment.

Steel yourself for the proclamation, ’cause here it comes…

I wanna do it too! My problem with daily posting in the past is that I sometimes have nothing to say, but this is perfect because I can just show you! Sure, I’m a crappy photographer and I have no illusions that any earth shattering images will be shared, but I love the idea of being able to look back and have a tiny piece of something from every day. To that end, I’m gonna give it a try. Some days might be kidcentric pics, others might be the dog, or a haircut, or the dash of my car, but whatever it is promises to be something I deemed blog worthy for one reason or another. Plus, if things go my way, 2010 should prove to be a photo worthy year.



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6 responses to “a bold proclamation

  1. So excited, can not wait for my daily dose.

  2. What a great idea! I noticed that I have been slacking on taking pics of the Gremlin in general. We have literally hundreds (perhaps thousands) from his first year of life and now it’s just an occasional shot on the camera phone. Maybe I’ll try this as well!

  3. Heather M.

    Hooray!! Another blogger is playing! I’m giving it a go too…maybe we can encourage each other a few months in!

    Heather M.

  4. hey!! i saw your link from this post in my blog stats and followed it back here! i found you again!! you used to be in my reader way back when, but lost you at some point! so glad to have found you again 🙂 now i need to go back and catch up!

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