the pantswer


[pant-ser]    –noun

  1. A solution to a pant related problem, esp. in regards to proper fit

After months of searching and countless purchase and return escapades that I would prefer not to discuss, I have found the solution to the wee dude’s pant problem! Freakin’ finally! Oh to have his height to waist ratio… So, the basic problem is this: he has a very tiny waist, no rump to speak of, and he’s getting taller by the minute.  Tired of sending him off into the world looking ready for a flood, I bit the bullet and spent HOURS scouring the measurement charts for various clothing lines…

Bex is 38″ tall with a 15″ inseam, is 30lbs and has a 19″ waist on a fat day: In easily obtainable sizes, he needs an 18-24 month waist and a 4T leg length. (A regular 3T assumes a 14″ inseam and a 21″ waist. Clearly that won’t work.)

And then I found it- the pantswer! is now my best friend. Unlike most kid clothing companies that start slim fits at 6 or 8, they start slims at size 4.  A four!! And still with an adjustable waist! Insert chorus of angels here. Their pants run longer than most so the 4slim is still just a bit lengthy (19.25″ waist, 16″ inseam), but they have another option. The cuffed jean. Ladies & Gentlemen, if your kids are tall and narrow, or maybe just narrow, check these out! The website says that they are permanently cuffed, but the cuffs are only attached at the side seams with about 10 stitches which are easily removed with a knife or a seam ripper. Once uncuffed, the pants have an extra 2.5 inches. That means that I can buy 2T cuffed jeans, remove the cuff, and have a pair of jeans almost custom fit to my kidlet (Adjustable 20.5″ waist ,  uncuffed 15.5″ inseam). Now, I know this may not be earth shattering news to most, but this is major at my house. MAJOR. What’s that? You hear the angels singing again? So do I.

So, if you have a wisp of a wee one, check out Crazy 8. Boys slims are here and check out the toddler cuffed jeans too. Happy shopping!!

*Yes. I’ve resorted to making up my own words. Desperate times call for desperate measures.



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8 responses to “the pantswer

  1. Great news indeed! Thanks for posting your results for the benefit of all us moms-of-kids-with-no-butts-no waists-and-long-legs! Unfortunately I think it will still be years before 3 1/2 yo Reagan will be wearing 4s, but until then we’ll survive on pinned-up leggings. If only they had those cuffed jeans for girls…

  2. Julie

    Isn’t it sad how excited we get when we can finally find pants for our skinny boys.

  3. jjohnstonmyers

    For the girl mom’s out there:

    You just iron these on to extend the pants. I wish they had good boy patterns.

    You can get a few other fabric patterns on etsy as well:

    Not sure how they work for toddler sized pants but I’m betting a person could modify them a bit if needed.

  4. Alese

    I hope the Bexter grows to appreciate his mom’s endless resourcefulness/persistence/creativity as much as I do!!!

  5. Lisa

    Hallelujah! Let’s hear it for clothes that fit!

  6. dania

    I need to check this out! Thanks!

  7. You post the greatest stuff! Thank you! Need the slim pants and thanks to one of your commentors ” jjohnstonmyers” for that cuff link. ;0)

  8. Karlyn

    OH!! We SO have the same problem! Even tho Jake is big enough for us to find 6 slims, they’re still too short! I can’t wait to get to this site & get something ordered for him!

    Thanks for sharing the good info!

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