run, beckett, run.




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6 responses to “run, beckett, run.

  1. Alese

    Yea Bex! Awesome!

  2. Alese

    BTW – Beckett’s Mom has, yet again, proven her mastery of the creative news flash

  3. Jenn S-J

    I’m glad that he had a good time! The next great family event coming up is the Jingle Bell 5K run/walk for arthritis on 12/5.
    Lots of families come out to walk the event, dogs are even welcome! Lots of festive holiday costumes and jingle bells!! The Jones family will be there, you should think of coming out too 🙂

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  5. merlisser

    So cute. It was great to see you guys. Strangely enough I am doing Jingle Bell 5K myself. I did it last year. Santa is always there to start the race. SANTA! CLAUS!!!

    People dress up and you get Jingle Bells to put on your shoes. It’s a hoot.

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