daily posting, wallpaper: fail.

Hey, remember when I said I was gonna post everyday for a bit? I lied. Not intentionally, mind you, but life just got in the way.

Between the volunteer work that I do, plus real work, plus family stuff, time has been getting away from me. And then, just when I think I might have time to breathe, Bex decides to give me a new project.

In a move clearly taken from his mother’s playbook*, the wee dude put his head through the bathroom wall. He’s fine. The wall is not.

Nice, eh? I’m so proud.

So, the gaping hole was formerly in a wallpapered wall. A wallpapered wall that I have hated from the moment we bought this place and had fully intended to revamp upon moving in, but one thing let to another, and after all of our remodeling funds were reallocated to accellerated baby bringing home, well, it just didn’t happen. At least not until Saturday. That’s when B started the demolition and I got all crazed and removed all of the wallpaper during his naptime. Sadly, there were multiple layers of paper. Multiple layers that alternately removed the drywall paper and/or had been skim coated over at various times, resulting in not only the world’s most complicated run on sentence, but also a terrible mess of a bathroom.

So, this is where we stand. I’m waiting on my brother to tell me when he or his sheet rock buddy can skim coat this mess and start over.  We’re trying to decide on a color family, and then I’m sure it will be weeks before I make a firm decision on hue and paint brand as I refuse to use fumey paint with a developing brain in the house. Clearly the adult brains are already shot. Any suggestions on a low/no VOC paint that can be tinted to acceptable colors would be happily accepted.

So, that’s it for my weekend recap. Lots of things happening over the next week, including (fingers crossed) a mini vacation. More on that later.

*In one of my less graceful moments, I fell out of the shower and put my head through the wall of my bathroom. Head + Wall = Bad. If your REALLY want to hear that story maybe I share it with you tomorrow. Maybe.



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2 responses to “daily posting, wallpaper: fail.

  1. mostlymorgan

    Wow! Glad no noggins were hurt in the process 🙂
    Benjamin Moore makes some nice low VOC paints… have been procrastinating as well on repainting Morgan’s room for a Big Boy bed.

  2. Jenn

    Regarding no-VOC paint, we have used the Sherwin Williams Harmony paint for all of our painting projects since moving. It’s amazing how it just doesn’t smell …. period. You can do any colors except ones that are Ultradeep on the color cards which are generally the really dark colors. I am finding that it’s not super durable when scrubbing a wall, so we’re going to go with the more expensive Duration when we actually have bathroom walls as opposed to exposed studs. If you sign up on their website you’ll get coupons emailed to you and they frequently have sales.

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