yummy earth = yummy in my tummy

I like to give Bex a little candy from time to time. Lately we’ve been doing a lot of hard work on potty training and I find that some extra incentive can help boost interest in toilet procedures. So there I was at the store, having a freak out about all of the crap in candy. Is nothing made with REAL ingredients anymore?  I decided to check at Whole Foods to see if there was a better alternative, fully expecting whatever I found to be less than delicious. My local WF has a bulk section that also stocks candies. I saw a big bin of lollypops and started reading ingredients… Organic cane juice, organic rice syrup, organic fruit juices… How bad could they be? So I dove in head first and bought about 30, figuring they could be Halloween candy if nothing else.

My friends, I have found deliciousness and it’s name is Yummy Earth Lollypops.

They taste like fruit. FRUIT! Not some poor excuse for cough syrup flavoring in pseudo “grape” or “cherry”, but like actual fresh concord grapes and dark, sweet, blissfully tart black cherries.  My current favorite is the “Sour Apple Tart” flavor, but I reserve the right to amend that statement at any time.

These things are GOOD, and about as good for you as candy can be. At only 22 calories per pop, you really can’t go wrong. So the next time your kiddo needs a treat, or maybe you need on your self, give the Yummy Earth Lollypops a try. I’m having a “Strawberry Smash” as we  speak, but it’s my last one, so don’t ask me to share.  : )



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2 responses to “yummy earth = yummy in my tummy

  1. mmmmmmmm………….goooood!!

  2. Jenn Haddock

    I can’t wait for my next trip to Whole Foods! Last time I got dark chocolate covered espresso beans – mmmmm.

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