payin’ it forward

My long time blog buddy Jenn recently posted about a little thing I’m calling Project “Pay It Forward”. Sure, it’s a bit cliche, but don’t go blamin’ me for the name. So this is the deal, the first three people to leave a comment and link will receive a hand made gift from me! (I don’t quite know exactly what it’s going to be yet, but consider this a hint).  Please make sure I have a way of contacting you – you can email me.   The only thing you have to do to participate and carry on the kindness is to post the “pay it forward” image onto your blog and offer up a handmade gift (something handmade by you or someone else) to three or more people. If you don’t have a blog,  no worries, just post the picture + rules to your Facebook page. I might even accept a tweet. Then just comment here with a link to your pay it forward post and you are golden. Spread the word of generosity and kindness to others through the interwebs and get a little somethin’ somethin’ just for being the sweet person that you are.

Not one of the first three? Leave a comment anyway and I will randomly select two others to get a goodie as well

I”m excited about this for two reasons. First, Jenn is gonna send me something cool in the mail! Woo hooie! Secondly, this gives me an excuse to spend some time being creative. I don’t do that nearly enough and I am always so happy when I allow myself to have that time . So clearly, it’s a win win here. Wanna play?



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5 responses to “payin’ it forward

  1. Woo hoo! I’m here! Going to try to put the link on my page.

  2. ok, i can’t figure out how to post it! HELP!

  3. 1longadventure

    woo-hoo. thanks for the shout out! i am still formulating what i am going to make. but the creative juices are-a-bubbling.

  4. mrsdangelo

    Ooh, does this make me number 3? This is a great idea!

  5. shelley

    darn. I needed to get that damn google reader to help me remember when to read blogs. Maybe I’ll be “random other poster” who will get a cool handmade gift, because I dig your handmade stuff. I still am mesmerized by the cube of my family’s faces. Magic, i tell you!

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