i heart clementine art.

The dude isn’t much into coloring. Traditional crayons require more pressure than his right hand is currently capable of exuding, and he quickly tires of the pale markings on his paper. Markers are okay, but he neither of us like how the ink will quickly soak through our favorite recycled drawing paper and any marker based art session almost instantly becomes a game of lid removal and replacement. My OCD friends would break into a cold sweat if they saw our marker box… none, NONE, of the lids are on the marker of the same color. It even makes me a little crazy.

Today I discovered an end to the wee man’s anti coloring platform. Today I found crayons by Clementine Art and, ladies and gentlemen, I may just have a fan of coloring on my hands.

I bought two boxes of crayons. A six pack of soy crayons and an eight pack of soy crayon rocks.

The soy crayons are almost like a creamy crayon, if you know what that is. Kind of like a cross between a creme pastel and a wax crayon.  Except they have no wax per se. The crayons come in adorable recycled packaging (packaging that happens to be a great surface for embellishment with said crayons). They are made of soy and all natural pigments and manufactured in a wind powered facility.  A WIND POWERED FACILITY! Oh, be still my liberal eco-friendly heart! I was basically in love before we even tried them, but once Bex and I broke them out of the box I was  fully converted.  He picked up one of the rocket-esque crayons in his right hand and moved it across the page with the lightest of touches, and viola! He giggled when he saw the bright swath of color and then he went back for more. And more. Three times tonight he asked to color. That’s a record people.  In the past two years he has never asked to color. Not once.

The crayon rocks are equally awesome. They are quite wee, but have just the perfect shape to be picked up almost without trying and produce an equally effortless stroke on the page. Slightly firmer than the others, the rocks, at least for us, didn’t seem quite as blendable, but we still loved them. And unlike some other creamy crayons, these left no residue on our hands. All in all, it was a big breakthrough in art land for us. I. Am. Thrilled.

Clementine products are currently available exclusively at Whole Foods. Check out the Whole Foods blog for more info and a great video about Clementine Art.

Now, get thee to your nearest Whole Foods to grab some for yourself. There’s paint and modeling clay with amazing hues and some cool non-animal glue too! If you have an anti-colorer, I urge you to give these crayons a try… especially if your kidlet has some fine motor skill  or hand issues. Just try them.


I heart Clementine Art. We’ll definitely be going back for more.

For the record, this endorsement is all of my own doing. I have received no compensation from any of the companies mentioned. I simply love the product and wanted to share my thoughts with you.


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4 responses to “i heart clementine art.

  1. Triciaw

    I will have to try these with Lulu. She has low muscle tone and has trouble coloring so I’ll go get some tomorrow!

  2. Looks great Bex!!! The colors are just beautiful!! Love them. We have waldrof crayons, but they are no so organic in shape…these look cool!!

  3. Jenn S-J

    What a great find! Hmmm wonder how good they taste? I remember chomping on more than one Crayola in my day 🙂

  4. alese

    Awesome! How did you find out about these? Do we need to purchase a supply for Bex’s school?

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