dis or dat

Today was the kind of day that makes a person think that one child is plenty.

Not only is Bex all energy all the time, but our failed attempts to communicate with each other can be down right exhausting.

B, while shaking gate to kitchen: Dis. Dis! DIS!!

Me: This?

B: Dat?

Me: Do you want to go in the kitchen?

B: No!

Me: You do not want to go in the kitchen?

B: No! (pause) Go.

Me: You want  me to open the gate?

B: Open.

He proceeds to run into the kitchen and takes out a plate and fork from his cabinet.

Me: Do you need a snack? Would you like a banana?

B: Nana!

Me: Great! Her’s your banana.

He is now eyeing the banana on his plate with disgust.

B: Dwink.

Me: Do you want juice?

B: No!

Me: Milk?

B: No!

Me: Come show me what you want to drink.

B, peering into the fridge and opening the cheese drawer.

B: Cheese!

Me: Ok, but what do you want to drink?

B: Hep me.

Me: Do you want a drink? DRINK. Show mama, please.

B: Cheese? Hep me.

Me: Fine. No drink then.

B exits happily, cheese in hand. Banana languishing on his plate. No beverage to be found. Moments later…

B: Dwink?

Hep me. Please.



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2 responses to “dis or dat

  1. Dania

    We’ve been wanting Paxton to learn those words for a long time! Drink, cup, food, eat, any of those would be great in helping us to know what he wants, BUT I Can see very easily how they could be no help at all!

  2. Dianna

    Is Bex up for learning a little sign language? We taught Pheebs the basics – just the words of things she wanted all the time – and it really helped. But honestly? This still sounds like my house with a 5 year old in it… communication is one of the great frustrations of parenthood.

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