apropos of nothing

For the first time in the entirety of our relationship, I surprised Ken. As in, he could have been knocked down with a feather kind of surprised. I was sick on his birthday and did nothing to mark the occasion. NOTHING. So, desperately needing a break  for myself and a birthday surprise for him, I decided to fly to Florida and surprise him while he was there for a business trip this week. He was shocked. Yea me!

As is the case quite often, the therapy process is taking over much of my mind and I am formulating a post regarding the options available to parents and kiddos, even after they turn three (Three being the dreaded cut off for many therapy providers, insurance companies, and funding sources). But as my brain has not yet fully recovered from my puny state, that post will have to wait. Instead I will leave you with a link to the kind of article that I find myself gravitating to while waiting around reading USA today or the like in an airport terminal: Waiter, there’s a rubber in my soup!

And yes, that means exactly what you think it does. Yick!


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