in which we discuss the “blonde” problem.

I belive we have discussed the “blonde” problem previously, but let me give you a refresher. The wee man loves the ladies, especially the blonde ones. He will flash his best smile, give his best hugs, and bat his eyelashes while saying “please” if he thinks it will win him the affections of a tow headed lass.  Until recently you had to take my word for it. Now I have photographic evidence as captured by Ken.

Check it. Do you see his eyes? Do you see them? And the body language? All inching closer and closer. He is in awe of the cute older girl and is completely absorbed in whatever she might have been saying. Sure it’s cute now, but he’s only three. Of course, this moment was perfectly innocent. No, there was not but grabbing happening here. Trust me when I say that such an event is never pleasant for the parentals to explan to the object of his, er, affections who is usually a waitress that thinks she has just be goosed by Ken. Sheesh. By the time he’s old enough to date, this could get out of hand.



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3 responses to “in which we discuss the “blonde” problem.

  1. Julie

    Bennett just loves the older girls. Everytime we go out to eat he is always flirting with the waitress. I think we will have our hands full before we know it. LOL!!!

  2. Dianna

    Natalie is going to be soooooooo jealous when she sees this picture. She thinks Bex is exclusively her property 🙂

  3. Jen

    Our boys think alike. Bex is so handsome!! love those sweet eyes–what a flirt!

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