his boots are made for walkin’

As previously stated many times, I have a shoe problem. Admittedly the shoes are often for the boy as I’m not sure I can justify designer kicks for myself on a SAHM budget, but I will lay down some coin for the boy’s boots. I’ve had a several year love affair with Morgan & Milo, but lately I’ve been seeing Chuck Taylor on the side. That said, I’ve decided to break up with all of them and go steady with Vincent. I’m in love.

How could I not be? Just look at those shoes! And they are on sale. SALE. My favorite four letter word.

B has been rockin’ a pair of these (in orange) since Christmas.

I took advantage of the summer clearance and stocked up. All of these will be arriving in a mailbox near me in sizes for future wearing.

And if I had some girlie feet to cover:

So, if you are in the market, you know where to go. You can use the code VIN-DEAL-10 for a 10% discount, but I have no clue when that code expires. Go forth & Shop. Woo!

For the sake of full disclosure, I have no ties to the companies that make any of these shoes. I have not received, nor will I receive, any compensation for this endorsement. Of course, I won’t say no to anybody who wants to send cute shoes our direction! Ha!


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