You know it’s bad when you answer a call from your mother’s phone, only it isn’t your mom calling but some total stranger who tells you that your kiddo has been in an accident and that your mom can’t put him down because of the bleeding so she asked someone else to call. You know that it’s a good thing you weren’t there when the incident happened or you’d be in jail for assaulting the asshole child that pushed him. You know that adrenaline has been pumping when you arrive at the emergency room but don’t remember most of the 18 mile trip. You know that you must look like you mean business when you blow past the ER security guards and directly into the triage area without going through the metal detector, despite the fact that these same guards had only minutes before forced said grandmother holding bleeding child to go through the scanner. You know that you are in good hands when someone you know is the triage nurse. You know that things will be alright when the crying dude starts singing his favorite song. You know that you are lucky once you see that the bleeding has stopped and get a look at the gash for yourself. You know that you can breathe once he finally stops crying.


And once everything is calm and the good drugs are starting to kick in and help the wee man relax, you just have to take this photo. Because, well… you know.



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8 responses to “triage.

  1. Jyl

    Ok, you had my heart racing a little!
    So glad he’s ok. I know the 1st trip to the ER is inevitable but I’m sooooo hoping it will wait awhile.
    (And I have to tell you that your LaLa shoot is unbelievable!!! I would love nothing more than to have Kelly shoot my kids. Lucky!)

  2. Jenn S-J

    Hope your ER experience wasn’t too bad! The wait there can be ridiculously long sometimes.

    I’m sure your Mom learned that NOTHING bleeds as much as a laceration in the scalp …. no, seriously! Even a smallish cut (which this obviously wasn’t) can bleed what appears to be buckets and freak out even the calmest of folks.

    Hope he’s good today!

  3. Heather M.

    Oh No! What in the world happened!?! Poor little guy. Hope he’s ok. A push, eh? Rotten!

    Heather M.

  4. I hope your little guy is okay.

  5. Hope Bex is okay!

  6. Poor little guy!!


  7. Erin

    oh jessica so sorry and SO glad hes ok!

  8. What a horrible experience for you. Glad that it seems to have turned out well! I hope he is still doing OK.

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